银行账单(Bank Statement)中看到了许多不同类型的活动。但大多数人不知道这些交易代码(Transaction Code)是什么意思,甚至对莫名其妙的交易感到恐慌。


ACRAutomated CreditADMAutomated Debit
ADRAuthorized DebitAGRAgriculture Stabilization
AIDAutomatic InterestANNAnnuity
APMAuthorized/Automated PaymentAPYAutomated Payroll
CBCashbackCCCertified Cheque
CCQCustomer ChequesCDCCanadian Dairy Commission
CFSCanadian Forces SuperannuationCHQCheque
CLSClose AccountCMCredit Memo
CORCorrectionCPCCPC Direct Deposit
CPNCoupon CreditCPPCPP Direct Deposit
CRCCredit CorrectionCSBCanada Savings Bond
CTBChild Tax BenefitDELDebit Deletion
DMDebit MemoDRCDebit Correction
FAFamily Allowance Direct DepositFEDGeneral Government Payment
FSCForeign ABM S/CFWDForward
GCTD Canada Trust Access Card Transaction (Other Branch)GMDGreen Machine Deposit
GMPGreen Machine Bill PaymentGMTGreen Machine Transfer
GMWGreen Machine WithdrawalGST.Goods and Services Tax
ICRInterest CreditIDRInterest Debit
INSInsurance PaymentINWInterac Withdrawal
LCRLoan ProceedsLDRLoan Payment
LINLoan InterestMLDMail Deposit
MTGMortgage PaymentNRTNon-Resident Tax
NSFNSF ChargeOASOld Age Security Direct Deposit
ODCOverdraft ChargePAYPayroll Credit/Wages
PRPurchase/ReturnPSAPublic Service Superannuation
PSCPurchase Service ChargePTCPersonal Transfer Credit
PTDPersonal Transfer DebitPTSPersonal Transfer
PURPurchasePWPlus ABM Withdrawal
REORe-Open Account, Close Account CorrectionRIFRIF Deposit
RTDReturned ChequeRSPRSP Contribution
SCService ChargeSDBSafety Deposit Box Rent
SKSafekeeping ChargeTAXTax Refund
TCRTransfer CreditTRMTerm Investment
UCNUnclaimed Balance NoticeUIUnemployment Insurance
UGMUS Dollar GM WithdrawalUPDUpdate
VWVisa ABM WithdrawalWDWithdrawal
WHTWithholding TaxWTCDebit Reversal Correction
WTRWithholding Tax ReversalWVAWar Veteran’s Allowance Direct Deposit


Tax Payment TypeDescription Code
Payroll deductions – Threshold 1 – Twice monthly (source deductions $15M – $50M monthly)EMPTX
Payroll deductions – Threshold 2 – Weekly (source deductions over $50M monthlyEMPTX
Payroll deductions – MonthlyEMPTX
Corporate TaxTXINS
Personal Tax InstallmentsTXINS
GST Return (GST34)GST34
GST Remittance (GST58)GST58

Alberta 省相关代码

Tax Payment TypeDescription Code
Alberta Teachers’ Retirement PaymentATRF
Alberta Teachers’ Association PaymentATA
Alberta School Employee Benefit PaymentASEBP
Alberta School Employee Health Spending AccountASEHS

British Columbia 省相关代码

Tax Payment TypeDescription Code
Social Service Tax (Provincial Sales Tax)BCSST

Nova Scotia 省相关代码

Tax Payment TypeDescription Code
Workers’ Compensation BoardWCBNS

Ontario 省相关代码

Tax Payment TypeDescription Code
Family Responsibility Office, Ministry of the Attorney GeneralMAG
Employer Health TaxONEHT
Provincial Corporations TaxONCT
Retail Sales Tax (return)ONRST
Retail Sales Tax (payment)ONRST

Quebec 省相关代码

Tax Payment TypeDescription Code
Combined Sales Tax and GST (TVQ & TPS)TXIN
Combined Sales Tax and GST InstallmentDECOR
Corporate Installment RemittanceGSTIN
G.S.T. InstallmentGST
G.S.T. RemittancePAY
Payroll Source Deductions – MonthlyPAY
Payroll Source Deductions – Twice monthlyPAY
Payroll Source Deductions – WeeklyCOREC
Personal Installment RemittanceTXIN
Sales Tax Installment (QST)QSTIN
Sales Tax Remittance (TVQ)TVQAP
Support PaymentsRPPAQ
Remittance of Source Deductions (Quarterly)PAY

Saskatchewan 省相关代码

Tax Payment TypeDescription Code
Provincial Sales TaxSKTAX
Corporate Capital Tax InstallmentSKCOR
Liquor Consumption TaxSKLQR
Retailer Tobacco TaxSKTOB
Wholesale Tobacco TaxSKTOB


商户代码(Merchant Code)也经常会显示在账单上,通常与交易代码一起。下面列表是一些常见商户:

商户名缩写    商户全名
(A – C)
AGF MTFAGF Mutual Funds
AGR/AGRAgriculture/Stabilization Payment
AHCAlberta Health Care
AIP/RAAAutomobile Insurance Plan
AP/CCAccounts Payable
APY/PAAAuto Payment
AQUA FINANCE LOANWater softener products etc.
ARCH TRANSCOTaxi company with portable internet access
BCLCBC Lottery Corporation
BDP*Business Development Program of Canada
BDP* BC Student Loan
BIPIBrownstone Investment Planning Inc. (CIMC)
BLC/LBC MSPBanque Laurentian Du Canada/ Laurentian Bank
BPIBalance Protection Insurance
BPY/FACBill Payment (Phone, Hydro, Cable, Fuel, Utility)
BUS/ENTBusiness Pre-Authorized Payment
*<消费者全名>* MSPTransaction from Paypal where a previous debit attempt was unsuccessful
C*<C后面通常有5位数>*Shell Gas Station
CACredit Application (1-888-283-1055)
Canada FEDEnergy Rebates from the Government of Canada
Canada FPTGovernment Deposit
Canada GSLCanada Government Student Loan
Canada LP_vCogeco Cable
Canada PROWorking Parent Family Bonus
Canada RITReturn Income Tax/Tax Return Refund
CBCCanadian Bonded Credit (1-866-830-7434)
CCQ/CHPCustomer Cheques
CDC/CCLCanadian Dairy Commission
C.D.T.C INC MSPVisa Desjardin
CFS/PFCCanadian Forces Superannuation
CHQ #00000 W/ AMOUNT 41.73Curves for Women fitness club
CM 888-505-5426 BUS“Cash Money” store
CMS/GESCash Management
CNT/ITVCannot Trace
COTCotis Frequency Contributor (Edward Jones)
CPC/SCPCanada Post Corporation
CPP/RPCCanadian Pension Plan
CRSCutter Recovery Services 1-866-483-5024 x2237
CSC FeeCurzon’s Management Associates Inc.
CSLP GSLNational Student Loan Services Center
CSPCanada Savings Bond
CSTCanadian Scholarship Trust
CT2 CMSPay Day Loan Store
CTC/CIEChild Tax Credit
CTFACT Financial Assurance (TD Insurance,)
CVSCheque Verification System
(D – L)
DEB/DEFInstitution in Default
DEC/DECPayor/Payee Deceased
DEMLAtco Gas/Direct Energy
DERS BPY or MSPDirect Energy Regulated Services
DCSERVICESCANADADaimler Chrysler of Canada
DFS ASSDesjardines Fin. Secur
DIV/DVDDividend (Common or Preferred)
DTE/DTEPost/Stale Dated
EAA/AAEEmployment Assistance Allowance
eCHKInsta Debit
EI/AEEmployment Insurance
EJ Fee/Fraise MSPEdward Jones Investment Company
EPMTXPayroll Taxes
EXP/RDDExpense Payment
FA/AFFamily Allowances
FED/FEDFederal Government
FMEP BC MSPFamily Maintenance Enforcement Program (Child Support)
FPTCombined Federal and Provincial Tax
FSP/ROFFamily Support Plan
F.S.S.T  CSTWorker’s Compensation (in Quebec)
F.S.S.T  CSTPay Day Loan Store
GAINSTPS MSPOntario Guaranteed Annual Income System
G.E.T.F MSP/REPGlobal Education Trust Fund
GLS/ETUGovernment Student Loans
GS CanadaGreen Line Service Canada
GST/TPSGoods and Services Tax
HACHamilton Auto Corp.
HCFIHonda Canada Finance
HDC/SDRHealth/Dental Claim Insurance
HHL – PIA MSPHalifax Herald newspaper
HRD/DRHHRDC – Training
HSG/LOGHousing Allowance
IAP/PAIInternet Access Payment
ICM MSPPay Day Loan Store
INS LOCLine of Credit Insurance (1-888-983-7070)
INS/ASSInsurance (Life, Auto Property, Mortgage, Casualty)
ISB/PSRIncome Security Benefits
KCI CMSKing Cash Investments CMS
L&M(BLOOR)MSPLong & McQuade Ltd (Bloor)
LAFL.A. Fitness
LNS/PRELoans (Personal, Farm, Home, Term Insurance)
LPP/PDLLottery Prize Payment
(M – S)
MBFSCCMercedes Benz Financial
MFCMcKenzie Funds Corp (Mutual Fund)
MFC (后面会接续几个数字)Manulife Financial Benefits Deposit
MFC TDAET10201 MSPManufacturers Life Insurance (Health Spending Account Claims)
MFQQuebec Child Tax Credit
MFQ/SAEMinistry of Finance (Quebec EI)
ML CMSMaple Leaf Loans
MOGOMoney on the Go (Calgary)-Similar to Money Mart
MRQMinistre Revenue de Quebec
MSP/DIVMisc Payments
MTF/FMUMutual Funds
MTG/HYPMortgage (Residential, Commercial, Farm)
MTO RUS-SO ECHANNELOntario Ministry of Transportation
MTO RUS ECHANNELOntario Ministry of Transportation
NCB (UCFS)National City Bank (UCFS)
NCO DIN SER MSPcollections agency
NCO FIN SERAPEX Item – Could be a charge from a third party
NOR.CAN.EVAN.MI MSPCharity Deposit
NSLSCNational Student Loan Services Centre
OAS/SVOld Age Security
OF/IAOffences and Fines
OLGOntario Lottery and Gamin
ON *OnlineOld Navy
ON MSPHonda Canada Finance
PAY/PAYPayroll Deposit
PC # _____ –Price Chopper stores
PC MastercardPresident’s Choice Mastercard
PDLPay Day Lenders
PEN/PENFederal Provincial or Private Pension
PFB/PFAProvincial Family Benefits
PFC FeePremier Fitness Club
PFSPrimerica Financial Services
PHCProvincial Housing Corporation
PHC/FAMProvincial Health Care Premium
PLAN ADMIN FEE / TDWIS FEETD Waterhouse Annual Fee
PPSAPersonal Property Security Assurance
PRO/PROProvincial Government
PSCPremiere Fitness
PSC FeePremiere Health Club
PSS/PFPPublic Service Superannuation
RCL CHEQUE FEERoyal Credit Line Cheque Fee
RCSSReal Canadian Superstore
REP/REERESP Contribution
RIF/FRRRetirement Income Fund
RITReturn Income Tax/Tax Return Refund
RLS/LOYRent(Residential, Commercial, Equipment, Automobile)
RPM MSPHonda Canada Finance
RSCRegency Sports Club
RSP/RERRSP Contribution
SCU MSPServus Credit Union Ltd.
Social Development CanadaCollection Agency for the government of Canada
SPL LoanScotia Bank Loan (SCOTIA PLAN)
SRP/RDCSpousal RSP Contribution
(T – Z)
TDSBToronto District School Board
The Cash StorePayroll Loan
THSToronto Humane Society
TM CANADA INCTicket Master
TMSL VRTrilogy Management Services
TOR HYD ELECTToronto Hydro
TXD/DIMDebt CCRA Government of Canada
UCFSNational City Bank
USCUniversity Scholarships of Canada (RESP)
VA/AACWar Veteran’s Allowance
WBP/CEWater Bill Payment
WCB/CSTWorker’s Compensation Board
WSPAWorld Society Prevention Animals
WU *<确认单号>*Western Union
YIGYour Independent Grocer




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